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About T-ara..............
There's no harder working girl group than T-ara. They KILL those girls all the time. Does nobody remember them and their THREE comebacks last year? Then all that damn stuff in Japan. And I hate how ppl are treating Jiyeon like she's evil. Does anybody freaking remember a few weeks ago we learned she visited home for the first time in THREE YEARS? First time crap happens, ppl forget all that these ladies have been through and turn on them without being like hey wait a sec, lemme wait to hear more info before judging. Makes me sick.

As far as all this drama going on right now, we don't know what was done or said because we're not around them and don't know them personally. So I'm going to do what everyone SHOULD be doing and that's to mind my own business and just wish the best for those ladies.

And another thing pissing me off is that keep getting mad at ME like I'm doing something wrong. Yes, I'm so terrible to be loving and supportive and to not pass judgement on people that I don't personally know, oh yeah just so horrible.

I love T-ara, always will, and that's not gonna change anytime soon. If you don't like that, you can take your immature hateful selves far away from me because I don't have the time or energy to entertain your bs.

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I completely agree!!! I think this shit has gone far enough, I am so sick of people judging these poor girls. First off they are normal people, they have most likely fought and they have most likely not got a long! SO WHAT?! They are people too!!! Trust me my friends who I hung out with in school we didn't get a long every waking second. So it does not shock me that a girl group, who lives together, works together, travels together, eats together, and etc. Do not always get along! I love T-ARA, they are amazing girls who bust their ass to make their fans, family and friends very proud of them. I just do not get why people have to be so damn mean to them when something happens like this.

It just makes me think of how much more Celebrities are going to have to take for fans to grow up. :(

Makes me think of Heechul having to delete his twitter.
Yoochunnie deleting his twitter.
Tablo having to go to court instead of enjoying his family.

It is stuff like this that makes me disappointed with some fans. :(

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