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I finally got all my EXO-K candy nicknames!!! So in case I confuzzle some of you, I'll just point you here instead of explaining it LOL.

Baekhyun aka Caramel Bacon

Now people already call him Bacon but the caramel part comes from something I saw on Food Network. Now during the "America's Worst Cook" competition Chef Bobby Flay was showing his team how opposite flavors can end up complimenting each other. And he showed them by giving them...................yup you guessed it, caramel wrapped in bacon. Thus, his nickname was born!! :D

D.O aka Marshmallow Peep

Well is this shouldn't be hard to figure out. They're both cute and squishy and have adorable eyes!!! LOL

Sehun aka Skittles

Ummmmmmmm I'm not exactly sure. I was eating Skittles one day and thought......................SEHUN LOL. They're colorful, and yummy so I guess that would describe Sehun right? LOL

Chanyeol aka Candy Kane

He's got long delicious legs. Sooooo............................yeah xD

Kai aka Hershey's KISS

This one is self explanatory ain't it? xD

Suho aka Jelly Belly

Well to get what I mean you'd have to understand the awesomness of Jelly Belly's variety:

See that's why Suho makes me think of Jelly Belly jelly beans. See all those crazy flavors? Just like him, you never know what flavor you're gonna get XD

And there you have it!!! Am I awesome or what? XD
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